LA Art Now: Pronounce Artists’ Names Correctly, A How To Guide

Artlyst, the UK's leading art information website recently reported on an annoying and comical aspect of the art world, namely that moment when you find yourself wondering how to pronounce an artists' name while either face to face with the artist or someplace fancy where you should know better. To see their list of artists' names and its proper pronunciation, visit Here are few of my favorites, either because I am guilty or I just love the body of work and should have known better myself. Never again thanks to Artlyst! Diane Arbus - DEE-ahn; Eadweard Muybridge - Edward MY-bridge; Ed Ruscha - Roo-SHAY; Edgar Degas - Edger De Gaa; Eva Hesse - AY-va HESS-uh (though in the U.S. she chose to pronounce it "Hess"); Gerhard Richter - Gair-hard Rick-tah; Jackson Pollock - PAH-luck; Neo Rauch - NAY-yoh RAOWK; Takashi Murakami - Tah-kah-shee Moo-rah-kah-me; Wayne Thiebaud - TEE-bo

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