Art LA Now: Are the Met and The Frick Collection Joining Arms?

After several years of financial concerns, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) is reportedly handing over the lease on the classic and beautifully restored Met Breuer building on Madison and 74th to the Frick Collection, causing widespread applause and a sigh of relief within the New York museum world. The move, which would see the mammoth institution subleasing the last three years of its contract with the Whitney; could save the Met a total of $45 million. "Our future is in the main building," the Met's President and chief executive Daniel Weiss told The New York Times. The change, which would occur in 2020, is being framed as a natural progression for the museum, which will shift its modern and contemporary art programming (previously hosted by the Breuer building) on its Fifth Avenue location. The symbiotic agreement would allow the Frick to go through with its renovation while offering it a temporary venue to display its collection. The Frick's director Ian Wardopper wondered, "If we're closed for two-plus years, what happens to our visitorship, our membership, do people forget about us? Here, we'll be able to stay open almost seamlessly. More of this type of stewardship and kinship is needed throughout the global art world.

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